The Lewis chessmen are just one of the many battlegrounds of Scottish Independence [stewf]

Scotland: Chessmen in the battle for independence

How has an ancient set of chess pieces become embroiled in the movement for Scottish Independence?

Communist soldiers guard the Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea [fresh888]

Korea: Is reunification in sight?

With new leaders in North and South Korea, is reunification a real possibility?

Somali refugees wait to register at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya [© Kate Holt/IRIN]

Kenya: Somali refugees fear repatriation

Terrorist attacks in Nairobi have sparked calls for Somali refugees living in the Kenya to be sent back to refugee camps.

Shinzo Abe in the run up to the 2012 election [TTTNIS]

Japan: A new era or a step back?

In the elections in December, Japan voted in the conservative Liberal Democratic Party, making Shinzo Abe the Prime Minister.

Uganda: A bumpy road ahead?

The roads in Uganda have been neglected by the government for decades, and seemingly so has the rest of the society.

Haneen Zoabi at the World Social Forum Free Palestine in Brazil earlier this year.

Israel: Zoabi ban and the Palestinians in Israel

A controversial decision has been made by the Israeli election committee to ban Palestinian Israeli politician Haneen Zoabi, from running in the Israeli national elections in January. The committee decided to ban Zoabi, who currently holds a seat in the Read on! →

Bashir visits South Sudan in January 2012

Sudan: The clock ticks for Bashir on oil

Why Sudan’s economic problems – not its political ones – may pose the greatest threat to al-Bashir’s regime.

A gun store in the USA

USA: Pressure mounts for Obama on gun control

Another shooting in the US has raised the question of gun control again, with pressure from both sides.