People protest in Genoa Street, Madrid, close to the PP headquarters

Spain: Is corruption scandal the last straw?

The latest corruption scandal in Spain involved allegations against a number of high-ranking current and former government officials, including the Prime Minister.

Thousands of supporters turned out on the 10th January to celebrate President Hugo Chávez's inauguration in Caracas. Chávez, however, did not attend, instead remaining in Cuba for medical treatment. [Chavezcandanga]

Venezuela: The future hangs on Chávez´s health

Since Hugo Chávez’s went to Havana in mid-December for an emergency operation, the 58-year-old Venezuelan president´s health status has turned into a storm of rumours, as uncertain as his fourth term in the presidential office.

Mali hopes to develop the wealth of resources in the Taoudeni basin.

Mali: Why France is fighting for West Africa

Officially, French soldiers are fighting in Mali for security reasons. But is it out of charity that leads the French Government to do so?    “We want to be sure that Mali is safe when we withdraw our troops. We want Mali Read on! →

The twisted barrel gun sculpture, Non-violence, stands outside the UN building in New York. It mirrors the turning tide in public opinion on gun control. [Alan English]

USA: New York law marks the start of gun control

The NY SAFE legislation is the first law since the Sandy Hook shooting to tighten gun ownership, but it comes in the middle of a bitter political fight.

Billboards around Rwanda promote the government's zero tolerance of corruption.

Rwanda: Corruption will not be tolerated

Rwanda has been the most successful country in East Africa in stamping out the graft culture, but is it at the cost of freedom?

Demonstration against Assad regime are a regular occurence in Aleppo, Syria [Freedom House]

Syria: Assad’s speech means there is no end in sight

There is no expectation of peace in the near future as the Syrian President refuses to step down and to create a transitional governing body.

The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year, despite the security issues in the region [Templar1307]

Palestine: The decline of Christianity in the West Bank

The last six decades has seen Christian populations plummet in Palestine. What is causing this mass exodus from this Christian landmark?

De-mining technicians from the UK charity HALO Trust at work early in the morning, on the edges of a paddy field near Thunukkai, northern Sri Lanka. [© Russell Watkins / DFID]

Sri Lanka: Former rebel speaks of uneasy peace

There has been relative peace in Sri Lanka since the civil war ended between Tamils and government forces, but discrimination is still rife.

Nigeria President, Goodluck Jonathan, at the World Economic Forum on Africa, held in Ethiopia in 2012 [worldeconomicforum]

Nigeria: Countering the terrorism of Boko Haram

The religious violence in Nigeria’s fractured Northern region has worsened, yet Goodluck Jonathan’s government still doesn’t have a rescue plan

Jean-Marie Runiga Lugerero, the president of the M23 Movement, at the press conference in Bunagana yesterday [authors own]

DRC: Peace talks with rebels resumed

Negotiations between the M23 rebels and the Kinshasa government have resumed today, after they were suspended over Christmas.