Secretary of State John Kerry meet with PM Benjamin Netanyahu, at the David Citadel Hotel Jerusalem April 9, 2013

USA: A naïve push for Israeli-Palestinian peace?

The recent attempt to restart the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations by the United States has been met with significant scepticism and criticism. There have been a number of obstacles that have hindered renewed efforts by the United States to restart the Israeli Read on! →

Obama at a pre-election rally in 2012

USA: Scandals and the Obama Administration

Legacy: the buzzword for all incumbents of the oval office fortunate enough to have won a second term. On that clear night in Chicago’s Grant Park in 2008, any brief thought of the president-elect’s legacy was undoubtedly clouded out by Read on! →

The Brahmaputra is one of the major rivers of Asia. It originates in the Himalayas and flows through China and India to Bangaldesh

India: Water security at risk as agreement with China fails

China and India recently failed to sign a bilateral agreement on how to share the water of the Brahmaputra River despite meeting to discuss the issue in May. Prime Ministers from both countries met in New Delhi to discuss several Read on! →

Graffiti showing the top leaders of the Colombian revolutionary group FARC

Colombia: Is peace with FARC getting closer?

A possible first step towards peace was reached in the Colombian government’s struggle with the FARC guerrilla group came on the 26th May 2013, when negotiators at the talks in Havana announced a deal on land reform. For Colombia, this Read on! →

A medical cannabis club in 2005.

USA: Cannabis legalization sees opposition from unlikely source

The American states of Washington and Colorado made international news last November, when voters from both states passed initiatives to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use. Voters had previously voted for laws protecting cannabis use for qualified medical Read on! →

Local out fishing for the family dinner on the beach in Savaii, Samoa

Samoa: Will the island be ‘exploited’ by Chinese firms?

Samoa is no stranger to colonisation. In 1830 Christian missionaries destroyed the Samoan religion; Germany ruled Western Samoa from 1899 until 1914; and after that the country passed over to New Zealand’s rule. It was not until 1962 that Western Read on! →

Canada: Harper’s retreating foreign policy

In October 2010, the United Nations started the voting procedures for the non-permanent seats of the Security Council. Canada, who had until this point been on the council six times before hoped that this time would be no different, having Read on! →

Second day of Husby riots, three burning cars

Sweden: Failing integration policies sets Stockholm suburbs in flames

Whilst the rioting and violence in Stockholm may have subsided in recent days, burnt out cars on the city streets suggest there is a deep issue behind the unrest. But the cause of such scenes, which mirror those of London Read on! →

Nigel Farage in the European Parliament

UK: Is it time for strategic depth in British foreign policy?

In March 1848, the then-Foreign Secretary and legendary statesman, Lord Palmerston, painted a picture of British foreign policy that has been instrumentalised as a realist maxim ever since. Speaking in the House of Commons, in response to the revolutionary fervour Read on! →

Secretary of State Clinton & EU High Representative Catherine Ashton meet with the Bosnia and Herzegovina's tripartite Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic (L), Nebojsa Radmanovic (2nd R) and Zeljko Komsic

Bosnia: Independence never far from the minds of Bosnian Serbs

As relations between Serbia and Kosovo improve after an agreement signed last month giving extensive rights to Serbs and their municipalities in Kosovo, there are renewed demands in the Republika Srpska for it to separate from Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Read on! →