Pro-Ennahda protesers demonstrate in 2011

Tunisia: What happened to secularism?

Not long ago, Tunisia was considered a shining example of the secular Arabic state. But since the Arab Spring, it is now the governing Islamic party which is oscillating between the secular opposition and its own more radical members. The Read on! →

YPF petrol station in Argentina.

Argentina: The beginning of a wave of resource nationalism

Despite the Arab Spring, it was not a Middle Eastern country which grabbed biggest headlines for resource nationalism in 2012. It was Argentina, where populist President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner proposed a bill on April 16 to renationalize Yacimientos Petrolíferos Read on! →

USA: Liberals lax on Obama’s foreign policies [op-ed]

Nobel Peace Prize winning President Barack Obama has recently reiterated his desire to close Guantanamo Bay. The news was warmly welcomed by US liberals keen to show their conservative counterparts that their man in the White House is a force Read on! →

What is the future for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats?

UK: What is the future of the Lib Dems?

The Liberal Democrats have had the fastest rise and fall in modern day politics, whilst, their leader Nick Clegg has gone from being heralded as a potential Prime Minister to being dubbed ‘Calamity Clegg’ by the media. At his party’s Read on! →

A woman is treated for what appears to be breathing difficulties at a clinic in the north of Aleppo Read

Syria: The race for Assad’s chemical weapon stockpile

The last few weeks have been generous in events and catastrophes, from the Boston bombings to the attack on the French embassy in Libya. One event that has been strangely overlooked, but is of critical importance, is the suspected use Read on! →

Presidents Macky Sall and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Senegal: Tumultuous relations with Iran enter new chapter

Iranian diplomats were all smiles as they resumed ties with a rising African country at the 12th Islamic Summit in Cairo. The event on the evening of February 6th included a photo-op handshake and a signing ceremony, but the historic Read on! →

Police hold hands to contain protesters.

Jordan: All the King’s Men

Jordan’s monarchy weathered the Arab Spring. Yet all is not well in the Hashemite Kingdom. The monarchy’s decades-long high wire act might be set for a fall.

Independence marches in Catalonia, 2012

Spain: Determination remains strong for Catalan secession

Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish PM, and Artur Mas, Catalonia’s regional leader, met in March for secret talks to discuss Catalonia’s financial and political situation. Reports suggest that Mr Rajoy offered to consider a financial deal that would increase the deficit Read on! →

A pickup drives through Somalia's capital city, Mogadishu, with 6 armed men on the back.

Somalia: Is the constitution preventing a recovery? [Op-Ed]

Labelled as a failed state, Somalia is finally on the long road to recovery, but is their new constitution holding them back?

A child of Iranian descent shows his dissatisfaction with the results of the recent elections in Iran. Iranian students, faculty, community members and supporters gathered in front of Burruss Hall on the Virginia Tech campus on June 24, 2009, to protest the results of the Iranian presidential elections

Iran: In need of more than just a new president?

This year, Iranians will take to the polls to elect a new president. Although it is difficult to predict the outcome, one thing is certain: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is out.