An attraction in Hobart, Tasmania

Tasmania: A surge in tourism is changing the economy

One of the things Tasmania has tended to be famous for, throughout history, is an economy that has often looked rather bleak. There was no gold rush in Tasmania and many other industries failed to flourish there. However, the fortunes Read on! →

Local out fishing for the family dinner on the beach in Savaii, Samoa

Samoa: Will the island be ‘exploited’ by Chinese firms?

Samoa is no stranger to colonisation. In 1830 Christian missionaries destroyed the Samoan religion; Germany ruled Western Samoa from 1899 until 1914; and after that the country passed over to New Zealand’s rule. It was not until 1962 that Western Read on! →

A sign attached to a fence of a mine reads 'Keep Out, Mine Void'

Australia: Is this the beginning of the end for mining boom?

This time last year, Roxby Downs was booming. In an Australian landscape dotted with constellations of metal, mineral and energy mines, Roxby was one of the most modern towns in Australia, growing out of an isolated patch of desert 563km Read on! →