Every week, The Foreign Report recommends articles from around the web for you to read.
c Every week, The Foreign Report recommends articles from around the web for you to read.

Recommended this Week #8

Kenya election: rape victim fears repeat of 2007 ordeal [BBC »] Amidst the violence that followed the disputed Kenyan election in December 2007, reported cases of rape and sexual attacks against women doubled, according to the UN.

Send in the clowns [The Economist »] Was Italy trying to avoid reality when they voted? A sense of humour in adversity can be attractive, but it is not always useful.

How to Win a Cyberwar with China [Foreign Policy »] China is deploying its cyberwarriors against the United States and other countries to conduct corporate espionage…

Elba Esther Gordillo’s downfall in Mexico is political, and personal [Guardian »] Elba Esther Gordillo, a union boss so influential that she played a key role in putting a president in office, is now behind bars over the alleged embezzlement of massive amounts of union funds.

Bangladesh death sentence sparks deadly protests [Guardian »] At least 15 people have died and many more been injured in rival demonstrations and clashes across Bangladesh after a senior Islamist politician was sentenced to death

Evolution, not revolution [EIU »] Will Mark Carney be able to engineer a rapid turnaround in the economy when he takes over as the governor of the Bank of England.

Nubians in Kenya: A People Denied [Think Africa Press »] For over a century, Kenya has been home to members of the Nubian ethnic group, but they are still struggling to gain Kenyan citizenship.

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