Cash is delivered to a German bank during hyperinflation in Germany in1923 [Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R1215-506 / CC-BY-SA]

Germany: Fear of hyperinflation is part of the culture

The Eurozone debt crisis has opened space for breaching the established rules, signing new treaties and implementing unorthodox measures.

Mariano Rajoy addresses congress on corruption in Spain

Spain: Corruption scandal will not go away

More than 300 Spanish politicians, including regional presidents and senior ministers, have become tangled in an emerging corruption scandal.

People protest in Genoa Street, Madrid, close to the PP headquarters

Spain: Is corruption scandal the last straw?

The latest corruption scandal in Spain involved allegations against a number of high-ranking current and former government officials, including the Prime Minister.

Olives grown in Jaén

Spain: Poor olive harvest spells problems for farmers

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, but as the olive harvest draws to a close, farmers are worried about the low crop yield.

The Lewis chessmen are just one of the many battlegrounds of Scottish Independence [stewf]

Scotland: Chessmen in the battle for independence

How has an ancient set of chess pieces become embroiled in the movement for Scottish Independence?