A girl stands in the street in the Indian city of Dehli

India: The underground industry of gendercide

Female infanticide has been prevalent in parts of India for centuries, but a new industry worth $244 million is emerging: sex-selective abortions.

De-mining technicians from the UK charity HALO Trust at work early in the morning, on the edges of a paddy field near Thunukkai, northern Sri Lanka. [© Russell Watkins / DFID]

Sri Lanka: Former rebel speaks of uneasy peace

There has been relative peace in Sri Lanka since the civil war ended between Tamils and government forces, but discrimination is still rife.

Communist soldiers guard the Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea [fresh888]

Korea: Is reunification in sight?

With new leaders in North and South Korea, is reunification a real possibility?

Shinzo Abe in the run up to the 2012 election [TTTNIS]

Japan: A new era or a step back?

In the elections in December, Japan voted in the conservative Liberal Democratic Party, making Shinzo Abe the Prime Minister.