Catherine Ashton of the EU meets with John Kerry

Will there finally be free trade between Europe and the US?

On 13th February, Barack Obama, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso announced that both the US and the EU will prepare to launch negotiations on a so-called “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” to Read on! →

Thousands of supporters turned out on the 10th January to celebrate President Hugo Chávez's inauguration in Caracas. Chávez, however, did not attend, instead remaining in Cuba for medical treatment. [Chavezcandanga]

Venezuela: The future hangs on Chávez´s health

Since Hugo Chávez’s went to Havana in mid-December for an emergency operation, the 58-year-old Venezuelan president´s health status has turned into a storm of rumours, as uncertain as his fourth term in the presidential office.

The twisted barrel gun sculpture, Non-violence, stands outside the UN building in New York. It mirrors the turning tide in public opinion on gun control. [Alan English]

USA: New York law marks the start of gun control

The NY SAFE legislation is the first law since the Sandy Hook shooting to tighten gun ownership, but it comes in the middle of a bitter political fight.

A gun store in the USA

USA: Pressure mounts for Obama on gun control

Another shooting in the US has raised the question of gun control again, with pressure from both sides.