De-mining technicians from the UK charity HALO Trust at work early in the morning, on the edges of a paddy field near Thunukkai, northern Sri Lanka. [© Russell Watkins / DFID]

Sri Lanka: Former rebel speaks of uneasy peace

There has been relative peace in Sri Lanka since the civil war ended between Tamils and government forces, but discrimination is still rife.

The Lewis chessmen are just one of the many battlegrounds of Scottish Independence [stewf]

Scotland: Chessmen in the battle for independence

How has an ancient set of chess pieces become embroiled in the movement for Scottish Independence?

Uganda: A bumpy road ahead?

The roads in Uganda have been neglected by the government for decades, and seemingly so has the rest of the society.

Bashir visits South Sudan in January 2012

Sudan: The clock ticks for Bashir on oil

Why Sudan’s economic problems – not its political ones – may pose the greatest threat to al-Bashir’s regime.