UK Prime Minister David Cameron had been keen to discuss tax avoidance at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland

UK: Was there any progress made at G8 on tax evasion?

Earlier this week, eight leaders travelled to the picturesque Lough Erne lakes of Northern Ireland for the annual G8 Summit under the stewardship of David Cameron. Whilst Syria was the hot topic on the agenda, for the British PM it Read on! →

A Mongolian nomad milking a cow

Mongolia: UNEP’s answer to food wastage

Mongolia is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and has now been put under the spotlight by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). One of the biggest contradictions of our times, the shortage and wastage of food, Read on! →

A medical cannabis club in 2005.

USA: Cannabis legalization sees opposition from unlikely source

The American states of Washington and Colorado made international news last November, when voters from both states passed initiatives to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use. Voters had previously voted for laws protecting cannabis use for qualified medical Read on! →

Local out fishing for the family dinner on the beach in Savaii, Samoa

Samoa: Will the island be ‘exploited’ by Chinese firms?

Samoa is no stranger to colonisation. In 1830 Christian missionaries destroyed the Samoan religion; Germany ruled Western Samoa from 1899 until 1914; and after that the country passed over to New Zealand’s rule. It was not until 1962 that Western Read on! →

Canada: Harper’s retreating foreign policy

In October 2010, the United Nations started the voting procedures for the non-permanent seats of the Security Council. Canada, who had until this point been on the council six times before hoped that this time would be no different, having Read on! →

Doctors of the World has launched a harm reduction project with Tanzanian institutions and the local community at the start of 2010.

Tanzania: The forgotten youth

The United Republic of Tanzania is home to one of the largest youth populations in the world. A generation of this size brings with it an abundance of raw potential, and the opportunity to cultivate their abilities as a vital Read on! →

Translators have played a vital role in the US operations in Iraq.

Iraq: America’s forgotten allies

The recent 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, has led many commentators to reflect on what was undoubtedly the biggest U.S foreign policy mistake of a generation. Many have noted the human cost of a conflict which Read on! →

Afghanistan: Translators’ visa applications [infographic]

SIV stands for Special Immigant Visa, a form of Visa issued by the U.S. State Department to legally qualifying parties. Different type of SIVs exist for different groups of refugees e.g. Afghans and Iraqis, and each type has its own rules, regulations. Read on! →

Mobile phones and social media have become integral when reporting on the Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring: A broadcast revolution

The Arab Spring movement across the Middle East and North Africa will be remembered not by the professional news recordings and photographs of experienced journalists, but rather by the shaky hand held footage and images captured on the mobile phones Read on! →

Second day of Husby riots, three burning cars

Sweden: Failing integration policies sets Stockholm suburbs in flames

Whilst the rioting and violence in Stockholm may have subsided in recent days, burnt out cars on the city streets suggest there is a deep issue behind the unrest. But the cause of such scenes, which mirror those of London Read on! →