Presidents Macky Sall and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Senegal: Tumultuous relations with Iran enter new chapter

Iranian diplomats were all smiles as they resumed ties with a rising African country at the 12th Islamic Summit in Cairo. The event on the evening of February 6th included a photo-op handshake and a signing ceremony, but the historic Read on! →

A pickup drives through Somalia's capital city, Mogadishu, with 6 armed men on the back.

Somalia: Is the constitution preventing a recovery? [Op-Ed]

Labelled as a failed state, Somalia is finally on the long road to recovery, but is their new constitution holding them back?

A farmer shows off her crop of paprika peppers in Mang'alali village, Iranga region. USAID helps farmers to improve their yields and get better prices for their crops in a number of African countries, including Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: Reviving the paprika industry after years of recession

Zimbabwe, with support from international partners, is aiming to revive paprika production in the smallhold sector, to counter the continued negative effects from the controversial land reform programme of 2000.

A supporter waves a Kenyan flag at the rally.

Kenya: Kenyatta wins but Odinga will challenge

The Kenyan Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has officially declared Uhuru Kenyatta, from the Jubilee alliance, as Kenya’s fourth president today.

Students on the campus of the University of Cape Town

South Africa: Why can’t graduates find work?

For many young South Africans who grew up under severely poverty stricken families, education is their only ticket out of poverty. They grow up being told that they are where they are because their parents were never given the privilege Read on! →

Kenyans vote in the first general election since the violence of 2007/2008

Kenya: Election day draws to a close (In Photos)

Kenyans vote in the first general election since the violence of 2007/2008 Read on! →

African Heads of State at the summit held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea 2011.

The African Union: Challenges of a Pan-African Project

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), a pan-African organisation, replaced in 2002 by the African Union (AU).

Somalia: Can US recognition bring stability?

After over two decades of famine, Islamic extremism and piracy, Somalia may be showing signs of revival.

Mali hopes to develop the wealth of resources in the Taoudeni basin.

Mali: Why France is fighting for West Africa

Officially, French soldiers are fighting in Mali for security reasons. But is it out of charity that leads the French Government to do so?    “We want to be sure that Mali is safe when we withdraw our troops. We want Mali Read on! →

A roadside stall in Nigeria sells a selection of the thousands of Nollywood films released annually. Director and producer Elvon Jarrett speaks to The Foreign Report [Koréboy]

An Interview with Elvon Jarrett

The Nigerian actor and producer discusses finding international success with Nollywood films and the challenges facing Nigeria.